Your 2020 Guide to a Better Lawn in Kentucky

Plenty of things get better every year, so why not your lawn? With the proper care strategy and taking advantage of the right services, you can have a better lawn. The experts at Turf Pro Solutions put together some of the best lawn care tips for our 2020 guide to a better lawn.

Your Lawn Needs Nutrients

Every living thing on Earth requires specific nutrients for them to grow and thrive. Your grass is no different. If your lawn isn’t properly nurtured, you leave it open to countless lawn problems. Lawn fungi, diseases, turf-damaging pests, and weeds take advantage of malnourished lawns. If you want a better lawn in 2020, then it’s time to get your lawn on a fertilization schedule.

For proper lawn care, it’s essential to give your lawn all of the nutrients it needs, but timing is everything. Start in the spring with a nutrient-loaded fertilizer to help the lawn green-up after it wakes up from winter dormancy. In the summer, your lawn deals with heat and drought stress. That’s why it’s essential to give your lawn a summer fertilizer to help it withstand the rigors of summer. Finish the year strong with a winterization fertilizer to help your lawn prepare for the winter ahead.

If you need some extra help with your fertilization schedule, then call the experts at Turf Pro Solutions. Our 7-Application Lawn Care Program provides your lawn with everything it needs to be healthy and beautiful in 2020.

Weeds are Bad News

Kicking the weeds out of your lawn is the key to getting a better lawn in 2020. Lawns that are full of weeds are weaker and more prone to lawn problems than a weed-free lawn is. The competition for resources between the weeds and your grass leaves the grass weak and vulnerable. Turf-damaging pests, vicious lawn diseases, nasty lawn fungus, and more opportunistic weeds take advantage of these weak lawns. With tough weed control, you can keep your grass happy, healthy, and beautiful.
Our guide to a better lawn will help you keep henbit and other invasive weeds out of your Kentucky lawn.

A great weed control schedule begins in the early spring before the first weeds have sprouted. Prevent these weeds from sprouting by using a pre-emergent weed spray in the early spring. Spot-treat your lawn with a post-emergent weed spray in the late spring and throughout the summer to keep the weeds under control. Finally, kick the last weeds out of your lawn in the fall with broadleaf weed control.

Core Aeration is a Refreshing Service for a Struggling Lawn

The last step to getting a better lawn this year is core aeration. Soil becomes compacted over time, especially under heavy traffic. Playing in the yard, entertaining guests, and mowing the lawn all lead to soil compaction eventually. When your soil becomes compacted it becomes nearly impossible for water, air, and nutrients to penetrate down to the roots. This results in thinning grass and bare patches of turf. Luckily, aeration can quickly fix these lawn problems.

Signing up with Turf Pro Solutions and scheduling your core aeration early in the year ensures you won’t have to worry about scheduling later. On your scheduled day, one of the experts from Turf Pro Solutions uses an aerator to pop out thousands of little cores of compacted soils from your lawn. Grass roots can spread out and grow through the loose soil. Water, air, and nutrients are able to get down to the roots, where they’re needed. In a short time, your lawn will have a fresh glow of health.

Get a Better Lawn With Lawn Care Services From Turf Pro Solutions

Getting a better lawn is as easy as calling the experts at Turf Pro Solutions. Using our 7-Application Lawn Care Program ensures your lawn gets the best care all year long. If you want to take your lawn health to the next level, then invest in core aeration services as well. Together, we can help you get a better lawn in 2020.

Get started today by calling us at (502) 991-7600 or contact us here. Check out our blog for the best tips on lawn care. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and most recent offerings.

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