Get Ready for Aeration and Overseeding this Season!

Since Labor Day 2020 just passed, it is entirely possible that you and your loved ones have been recently spending time outdoors and even more likely outside on your lawn. Whether it was a backyard barbecue or a quiet, serene time in a hammock outdoors, you probably recognized what your turf is lacking during that time. Maybe you noticed your soil is tight, or sparse spaces in your lawn. Today, we will talk about a process that may be the solution to this issue, aeration, and overseeding.aeration holes

Aeration: When, How, and Why

Aeration occurs when you are simply having too much fun on your grass! After the summer comes to an end, it is more than likely that your soil has become compacted. When you are spending time outdoors like with an outdoor event such as a graduation party or just enjoying some time outside with your friends and family, your soil takes a beating. To test this theory, you can take any sharp tool or gardening accessory and see how far you can get it into the ground. If the tool only gets about one to two inches down, you can assume you have compacted soil underneath your turf.

With compacted soil, your turf will not absorb the nutrients you are trying to give it when you water, mow it and fertilize it. This can lead to dead or discolored turf and overall make your entire landscaping look drab. By aerating your turf, you will make holes throughout the surface of the grass that are about six inches deep so that it will allow more nutrients to flow through it without obstruction. With looser soil, your lawn should be able to maintain a healthier, fuller look all year long.

Overseeding: When and Why

If you have bare, sparse, or thinning turf, overseeding is the process that can greatly benefit you. Most commonly done after aeration (but not always), it encourages growth and wellness. By blending different types of fertilizers together and laying a generous amount throughout the lawn, your turf will have an abundance of nutrients that will have plenty of room to flow, especially if your grass has just been aerated.

At Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions, we have an entire 7-step application lawn care program that can widely improve the health of your lawn. If you know your turf needs extra care, we highly recommend the entire program to create a thicker, fuller, and healthier lawn.

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