An Unexpected Christmas Present: The Gift Of Lawn Care

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. If you’re struggling to pick out the perfect present for your family member or friend, it might be time to look outdoors for an idea. Consider giving the gift of lawn care from Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions of Louisville to someone you love this Christmas. We offer a variety of lawn and pest services that would make an ideal gift for anyone. If you have a friend that suffers swarms of mosquitoes every summer, an elderly family member that isn’t able to take care of their lawn themselves, or you just want to treat your spouse by getting all your home’s lawn care for the year taken care of, the gift of Turf Pro lawn care is a perfect choice.

Our Services Make Great Gifts

At TurfPro Outdoor Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive list of services that will cover anyone’s lawn care needs. Whether your family member or friend is struggling to keep their grass healthy and full or is fighting pests like mosquitoes and moles, our experts can help. 

  • Lawn Care: The core of all of TurfPro’s services, our seven-step application lawn care program is tailored to the local Kentucky and Indiana climate and can take any lawn from drab, dull, and lifeless to healthy, vibrant, and beautiful. Our program includes slow-release fertilizers to make sure grass plants have all the nutrients they need to thrive, weed control to keep problem weeds like crabgrass and other annual grasses at bay, and insect control to ensure pests aren’t damaging the health of any lawn by bringing in disease or fungi. 
  • Mosquito, Tick, and Flea Control: In addition to the annoying itching and scratching that these insect bites can cause, these pesky bugs can potentially spread dangerous diseases like West Nile virus, Lyme disease, and yellow fever. Our pest control treatments are geared toward helping everyone enjoy their home and yard without having to worry about themselves, their children, or their pets getting bit by mosquitos, ticks, or fleas. We have different solutions for different lawns, including a custom barrier spray that works to immediately and effectively repel mosquitoes, all-natural treatments, and a perimeter spray program to help keep these pests out of your home. 
  • Additional Services: Besides our lawn care program and pest control options, TurfPro also offers several additional services that would make a great gift for anyone on your Christmas list. These include aeration and overseeding to make sure grass plants are healthy and full, mole control to remove these frustrating creatures, grub control to keep grubs from damaging grass plants, and mulching that will beautify any landscape, insulate plants, and help control weeds. flower bed with mulch

How The Gift Of Lawn Care Can Help Your Louisville Area Loved Ones

While you might not think of lawn care as a traditional Christmas gift, it might just be the perfect thing for someone in your family, one of your friends, or even yourself! The gift of lawn care is one that the recipient can enjoy all year long, not just during the holiday season. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and will give your friends and family members time to spend with their loved ones and on their hobbies. It’s also a thoughtful and unique present, as most people wouldn’t think they wanted it and wouldn’t think of getting it for themselves! Not to mention, it could also help to relieve health concerns for an elderly family member or a friend who doesn’t have the ability to take care of their lawns themselves. For someone with a pest problem, the gift of pest control would be the perfect thing to alleviate stress and allow them to enjoy their home and yard again! 

TurfPro Outdoor Solutions Can Help You Check Off Everyone On Your Christmas List

If you’re still searching for a great gift, give the professionals at TurfPro Outdoor Solutions of Louisville a call. With all of our lawn care, pest control, and additional services, we are sure to please anyone in your family or friend group and help them to enjoy spending time in their yard without having to stress about yard work or potential threats like lawn diseases, insects, and pests.

Visit our website to see more information on our services, fill out our contact form online, get an instant quote for any of our lawn care programs, or give us a call at 502-991-7600. Get started scheduling services for your family member, friend, or even yourself today. And be sure to keep reading our monthly blog for more helpful information about lawn and garden care in the Louisville area! 

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