Benefits of Mulching in the Fall

The main idea surrounding mulch is that it must be done in the spring or summer to keep weeds away. However, that isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to the benefits of mulch. It can actually be extremely useful in the fall to ensure your trees, shrubs, and the overall garden is protected. Whether you love to garden or hate it, being a home or business owner means understanding what the best practices are for your greenery.

Here are a few reasons you should mulch In the fall:

Saving Yourself Time in the Spring

When spring hits, people are happy that the nice weather is around to stay. While many people enjoy gardening in the spring and summer, it is objectively time-consuming. Even if you are someone who loves gardening and all of the time commitment that comes along with it, it can be difficult to get everything that you want to do done. Mulching is something that can be done in another season, allowing you to enjoy it for a longer period of time and take the weight off your shoulders in the spring.

Enjoying the Fall Weather

While Kentucky does have a cool-season, it usually hits much later than other states. When you choose to mulch in the fall, you can take that opportunity to enjoy another few days out in the sun, without it being too hot. You’ll be able to provide your trees, shrubs, and garden with better health and nutrients, while also enjoying yourself.

The Nutrition

Soil can be great sometimes, but mulching will protect your trees, shrubs, and garden so that they last throughout the winter. Additionally, they will receive the nutrients they need to be sure they come back healthier, greener, bigger, and better in the spring. When you choose to mulch, you will be able to protect the roots of your trees and shrubs, possibly stopping them from getting a pest infestation. For your garden, it will be protected from snow (if it ever comes) and you can be safer rather than sorry.

Are You Ready for Fall Services? Mulching is a Great Place to Start!

If you want to get ahead on fall services this season for mulching and other ones today! Take charge of what your lawn will look like throughout the cool-season, it will make a world of difference. The benefits of mulching are endless and the fall season is the right time to do it. No one is better equipped for this task than the experts at Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions. With our fully equipped lawn care process, you’ll have the look you want in no time! Give us a call today for the best lawn you can have.

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