hands in the shape of a heart on the grass

Your 2020 Guide to a Better Lawn in Kentucky

Plenty of things get better every year, so why not your lawn? With the proper care strategy and taking advantage of the right services, you can have a better lawn. The experts at Turf Pro Solutions put together some of the best lawn care tips for our 2020 guide to a better lawn.

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ants in a home

Pest-Free 2020: This Year, Keep the Pests Away

With the new year just ahead, why not start planning your pest control so you can have a pest-free 2020? This could be the year that you finally get control over those pesky insects and scary spiders. If you come up with a pest control game plan for the new year, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the pests and prevent an infestation. Here are a few helpful hints for a pest-free 2020.

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