Give Your Landscape The Burst It Needs With an Installation of Mulch

If you’re looking for a great way to spruce up your Kentucky or Indiana property, why not try installing mulch? Taking care of your lawn and landscape can be time-consuming, something not all of us have. Adding mulch around your trees, shrubs, and in your garden beds can give your landscape the vibrant color it needs making it look like you spent hours upon hours of time and money.

While there are some limitations, most landscaping companies have different kinds of mulch, different colors, shapes, and sizes. Organic and inorganic. And, mulching isn’t just great for the leaves being used as mulchaesthetic appeal it offers your landscape, it has tremendous benefits for your lawn as well. Before you decide to go out and purchase or have mulch installed on your property, read on to learn everything there is to know about mulch and the advantages it has to offer.

What Is Mulch Made Of?

First, what exactly is mulch. You’ve surely seen it on other Louisville area landscapes, surrounding trees, and on top of garden beds. But what is it made of? Mulch is defined as a protective layer of various organic or inorganic materials spread over your soil or around part of a tree. It can include organic or inorganic materials. Organic mulches are made from formerly living materials such as chopped leaves, grass clippings, straw, compost, wood chips, sawdust, shredded bark, and pine needles. Inorganic mulch is made from landscape fabrics such as black plastic and geotextile.

Does Mulch Come in Different Colors?

Mulch comes in three primary colors, red, brown, and black. Typically you’ll want the colors to flow together, but using a specific color or certain colors can help accentuate lawn decorations and different areas of your lawn. Black mulch will absorb the heat from the sun faster, making the soil beneath warmer, but during our hot Kentucky summers, this may only be a good option if used in the shade. Now let’s talk about why mulch is so beneficial.

Why Is the Use of Mulch So Beneficial to Your Louisville Area Landscape?

Mulch Helps to Protect the Lifeline of Your Lawn; Soil
Soil is the heart of your lawn. It is the lifeline of your grass and any plant, and it’s vital to keep the roots of your soil well-nourished and healthy at all times. Mulch helps to do this. When organic mulch starts to break down, it deposits nutrients and other elements into the earth. This process provides your soil with many benefits, including strengthening and protecting it. Other benefits to this include:

  • An increase in moisture retention
  • Improved soil structuremulch being laid by hand
  • Improved draining process
  • The ability to retain extra nutrients
  • Aids in preserving water

Mulch Provides Excess Moisture
Summers in Kentucky and Indiana can get hot, and during this time, plants lose moisture. One hot or windy day and the essential moisture can be sucked right out of your soil. A layer of mulch can shade your soil and help slow down the evaporation process. When moisture is given more time to penetrate the ground, it goes down deeper and picks up nutrients from earthworms and other insects along the way. This will help your roots grow stronger and healthier, and as we already established, stronger roots are the lifeline to a better lawn. The best part of all? More moisture means less watering! And who doesn’t want to water their lawn less?

Say Bye to Weeds!
Weeds never seem to cease here in the Louisville area. They thrive pretty much anywhere. They love to sprout up and suck the life out of your garden beds. Add a layer of mulch and suddenly the water and sunlight they once needed to survive are taken away. Mulch smothers out existing weeds by cutting off their air supply and preventing sunlight from reaching them. All those nutrients your weeds were taking from your garden are now returned back for their survival and enrichment.

Increases the Curb Appeal of Your Louisville Area Landscape
Adding mulch will add instant color and beauty to your Louisville area landscape. You can choose to put mulch around your garden beds, trees, or shrubs, or different areas of your landscape, accentuating different elements. The choices are limitless. Regardless of how it’s used, the added color, uniformity, cleanliness, and manicured look will add instant appeal to your Kentucky landscape and make you the envy of your neighborhood.

For the Best Mulching Service in the Louisville Area, Contact Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions

Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions are experts in lawn care and landscaping. We provide all the lawn care services you need throughout the Louisville area in both Kentucky and Indiana. We are also experts in the use of mulch. We can help you determine what type of mulch is best for your property and how to utilize it most effectively. We can deliver, install and help you place your mulch accordingly.

Contact Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions today and request an estimate on our mulching service. Rather pick up a phone? Give us a call at 502-991-7600.

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