Grubs and Moles: How to Stop Them from Doing Irreparable Damage

Home and business owners take a lot of pride in their well-kept yards, and they should! A beautiful lawn can complete the look of your home and your outdoor living spaces. If you think about it, no one would want to sit around a bonfire or pool with a lawn that seems like it hasn’t been cared for since the year 2000. 

To achieve a look that everyone wants for their lawn, it takes a lot of continuous work to create. Mainly because your grass is susceptible to more than a few things that can damage it and more than anything, grubs and moles (arguably) can cause the most damage, and once it’s done, it’s done. 

Unfortunately, there’s not a great way to come back from excessive grub and mole damage, except totally revamping your lawn. That’s why catching it early is better, and preventing damage from these pests altogether is key. Keeping yourself up to date with ways to spot these pests can make all the difference for the longevity of life for your lawn. a mole crawling out of the ground


Signs of Moles

While moles might seem cute, they are definitely not harmless. When you first notice these, it could be because of little or large dirt mounds showing up on your lawn. Ever wonder why these are an obvious sign of the mole or why moles do this? It’s because they use their claws to dig underneath your lawn and look for food. Moles live off of things like earthworms and white grubs, which by themselves can be quite damaging. If these pests decide they cannot find enough food in the roots of your lawn, their feeding habits will leave you with little dirt hills covering your lawn. 


Identifying and Getting Rid Grubs

If you have moles, you can almost be certain that you have grubs because this is what moles are attracted to. White grubs can be the most damaging thing to your lawn and can be very difficult to catch early – so doing inspections regularly can help prevent them from hurting your yard. Two grubs in the dirt

Grubs go under the surface of your grass and attack its roots, which in turn, attracts moles and various other unwanted pests. One obvious way to know if your lawn has been infested is to check for grass patches that easily come up and roll into little balls and places that you meticulously water or fertilize but never seem to green. 


Treating the Issues 

Whether it be one, two, three, or ten types of insect infestations, your lawn needs to be taken care of. Preventing the issue with year-round care like proper seasonal clean-ups and fertilization schedules are two ways you can ensure your lawn remains healthy. If needed, chemical treatments are also an option.  


Turf Pro Will Take Care of Your Grub and Mole Control 

While there are some things you can personally do to protect your lawn, there are other things that you will want to leave to the experts. Treating serious grub and mole problems is one of them. These pests can do truly irreparable damage to your once beautiful lawn, so being sure to call one of our experts will ensure that your yard is safe and sustainable for the foreseeable future. 

Once you even begin to suspect that you have a grub or mole issue, you should contact us right away. We can come out and assess your lawn’s needs! We are reachable by phone at 502-991-7600 or by our online form on our contact page. Turf Pro is even on Facebook if you want to learn more about us on social media.

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