How Can I Keep Pests From Getting Inside My Louisville Home?

Whether you like nature or not, most of us can agree, our home is not where creepy, crawly insects belong. And we’ll do whatever it takes to try and keep them out. Bugs such as spiders, ants, millipedes, centipedes, silverfish, and the most undesirable cockroach, are always finding ways to make their way into our Louisville homes. But there are things you can do to help make it harder for them. Your friends at Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions have come up with a list of easy-to-do items you can manage to do to help prevent irritating pests from gaining access to your humble abode.

Keep Trash Sealed and Yard Areas Clean

We all know that raccoons and other wildlife will stop at nothing to get in your trash. But so will smaller, flying, and nonflying insects. If the smell of food is in their air, pests will find a way. Keep all trash cans sealed with a lid and stored inside if possible until trash day. Keep patios, porches, and garages free of plant clippings, litter, branches, or leaves that can become a home for pests looking for a dark, moist place to call home. Eliminate any standing water around your home as it can become a permanent breeding ground for mosquitoes looking to lay their eggs.

Seal Gaps and Cracks Outside and Inside Your Louisville Home

Check inside and outside the home for any gaps or cracks around the foundation. On the outside, check your siding, check for missing roof shingles, and gaps around utility lines. Inside your home, check under and behind appliances, cabinets, and furniture for signs of pests. Seal any gaps or cracks you find inside or out. If you can feel air flowing through, insects can get through as well.

Store All Food in Sealed ContainersAnts on cupcake

Seeing pests in your food is gut-wrenching and can make anyone’s appetite disappear. Unless that’s the kind of diet you’re going for, you can help prevent this by simply keeping your containers of food sealed. Living here in Louisville, with our warmer climate, it’s best if you put opened chips, pretzels, and other bagged snacks in containers of zip locks. There are certain foods that pests prefer over others, including those high in sugar, grains, and fat. 

Unclog Drains

Your sink drain is probably not the first place you think of when it comes to attracting pests. But trust us, it only takes a few days for gunk to build up. Think of all the stuff you dump down your drain, including foods, liquids, and other contaminants. This all builds up and creates a dark, moist home for the next insect looking for a place to rest his weary head. Regularly inspect and clean all drains, including not just in the kitchen but those in your bathrooms and tub drain as well. Baking soda and vinegar make a great cleaning solution for drains.

Trim Trees and Bushes Around Outside of Home

Tree branches and shrubs that touch your property create “bridges,” allowing pests and insects a walkway directly to your roof, windows, and inside any cracks that aren’t sealed. Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed and away from your home and prevent chipmunks, squirrels, tree mites, aphids, and other creepy crawlies from getting in.

Rinse Recyclablesrecyclables

Just like with your trash, if your recyclables include empty food containers, using a lid is always your best bet. However, if this is not possible, rinse out all plastic, glass, and aluminum containers as best you can. Not only does this help out the recycling facility, but doing so will help prevent pests from taking over.

Stop Water Build Up Around Your Home

Any inside or outside your home can attract certain pests, so it’s essential to fix leaks and spills as soon as possible. Pests such as cockroaches seek shelter in wet, dark spaces, so even leaving a damp pile of laundry on the floor becomes a no-no here in Kentucky.

Remove stagnant water outside your home, including rain barrels, pet water dishes, kids’ toys, swimming pools, wheelbarrows, and birdbaths, as stagnant water attracts mosquitoes.

Get Perimeter Pest Control From the Professionals at Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions

Stop pests from invading your home with perimeter pest control from Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions. We offer high-quality, effective pest solutions. Our perimeter spray program guarantees insects stay outside your home by providing a barrier of protection around your property. We spray around the outside of your house every 30 days. Visit our website or contact us now to learn more. You can fill out our online form or give us a call at 502-991-7600.

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