Lawn Care in Jeffersonville, IN

The warm months in Jeffersonville invite you to enjoy the historical sights, architecture, and many outdoor events and lively festivals. You deserve to spend your free time with family and friends, create memories and leave the hard work of maintaining your lawn to the lawn care professionals. At Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions, we have over twenty years of experience in setting the standard in well-maintained lawns through effective lawn fertilization and weed control. Spend your free time enjoying your outdoor spaces in Jeffersonville and leave the task of lawn care to the experts who will make it just beautiful.

Lawn Fertilization in Jeffersonville

A thick, lush green lawn needs nourishment through effective and scheduled lawn fertilization. Your lawn will be less prone to weeds, disease, and bare patches through effective treatments as your root systems will be stronger. However, many homeowners do not know how to properly fertilize their lawns. To maximize your results, you need to know the soil pH of your yard and other scientific factors. At Turf Pros, we take out the guesswork and provide our Jeffersonville customers with customized fertilization blends just right for your specific lawn. Our 7-Step Lawn Care Program provides monthly ongoing nourishment for your lawn to bring out its full potential. 

Weed Control in Jeffersonville

Nothing distracts more from a beautiful lawn than weeds. These hardy invasive plants are a blemish in your yard. The most aggressive Jeffersonville weeds are the broadleaf weeds with deep roots and the ability to multiply. At Turf Pros we prevent weeds from taking root by:

  • Applying an early spring pre-emergent weed control application.
  • Significantly reducing the number of weeds that pop up in the summer when things heat up.
  • Monthly weed prevention spray applications.
  • Meticulously creating a weed-free expanse of grass to enjoy!

Sign up for our 7-Step Lawn Care Program which includes weed solutions that keep your property looking green and pristine all year long!

Mosquito Control in Jeffersonville 

Don’t let mosquitoes sabotage your desire to enjoy your yard. These insects are more than just annoying, they can carry dangerous viruses like West Nile and Eastern Equine Encephalitis that can put you, your family, and your pets in danger. Our team at Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions will keep you safe with our premier mosquito, tick, and flea control program. You should be able to enjoy your home or business in comfort.

Flexible Mosquito Control For Your Specific Lawn

At Turf Pro we believe in providing flexible options for our customers to meet their preferences. We offer custom barrier sprays and all-natural treatments. 

Custom Barrier Spray – Applied in early spring, our trained technicians create a barrier around your home with our custom-formulated spray. You will have effective mosquito protection for up to 21 days. This treatment yields the best results. 

All Natural Treatments –  As an option to our barrier spray, our all-natural spray exterminates mosquitoes immediately but has less adhesive properties and does not provide long-term protection. 

Our professional and highly trained technicians will combat and eradicate your mosquitoes so you can get back to the business of creating great memories. We guarantee our service and care about your safety. 

Pest Control in Jeffersonville

Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions is a leader in lawn care and pest control. Keep your Jeffersonville home safe from outdoor invaders that don’t belong in your home. Protect your family and pets from ticks and fleas with our perimeter pest control that forms a shield on your property. Pests are more than just a nuisance, they can be dangerous and harm those you love. 

Take the time today to call the experts and get back your peace of mind, your free time, and your yard!