At Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions, we offer a proven 7-step lawn fertilization program developed especially for our climate and region. For your lawn to be lush and healthy, it must also be pest-free. Pre-emergent and continuous maintenance is what guarantees the look and health of your lawn all year round. As an added convenience, this includes insect control. 

Lawn Fertilization in New Albany

A fertilized lawn is a happy lawn. Once your lawn is inspected, we will develop a fertilization plan for your unique needs. Trees, plants, shrubs, and grass affect each other through the root system. After our initial inspection, we will know exactly what type of fertilizer to use, how much to apply, and the frequency of application. You and your family deserve to enjoy making memories in a yard that’s full of lush, green, healthy foliage and grass. 

Weed Control in New Albany

Pests can kill a lawn fast, but there’s another issue – weeds! They spread quickly and without much notice. At Turf Pro, we use pre-emergent and post-emergent weed treatments. What does that mean and how does it help keep your lawn healthy and weed-free?

  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control – Prevents seed germination.
  • Post-Emergent Weed Control – Safe and effective herbicide is used to eliminate the weeds that have already sprouted. 

Simple but powerful, you’ll notice your grass is weed-free and healthy in no time. Call us today for your weed control solutions.

Mosquito Control New Albany 

There is a danger that lurks in your garden. It carries disease and operates quietly – it’s the mosquito! Most people have a vested interest in mosquito control, their health, and that of their family, pets, and guests. Citronella candles and mosquito repellants don’t hold a candle to what we offer.

An inspection of the property is what tells us which treatment is the most effective. We offer two types of treatment.

  • Custom Barrier Spray
  • All Natural Treatments

O barrier spray is applied both inside and outside the home. It offers 21 days of effective mosquito control. Our natural treatments are just as effective but do not last as long due to not being able to adhere to surfaces as long. 

Contact us today to help keep your friends safe from mosquito-borne illnesses.