Pest-Free 2020: This Year, Keep the Pests Away

With the new year just ahead, why not start planning your pest control so you can have a pest-free 2020? This could be the year that you finally get control over those pesky insects and scary spiders. If you come up with a pest control game plan for the new year, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the pests and prevent an infestation. Here are a few helpful hints for a pest-free 2020.

What Pests Are In Your Home?

Every year, countless homes and properties are invaded by irritating insects. Whether they be ants, spiders, or roaches; pests are not welcome in our homes. Here in Kentucky and Indiana, we have several common pests that can cause costly damage.

    Common Indoor Pests in Kentucky and Indiana:

  • Ants
  • Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Fruit Flies
  • Millipedes
  • Spiders

Identifying the pests that are plaguing your home is essential. Once you know the threat, you can create a game plan. First, you need to understand the needs of these pests.

Pests Need Food and Water

The most important needs for indoor pests are food and water. All pests need easy access to food and water for them to settle down. If you’re able to find and remove excess food and water, you’ll be able to eliminate a large number of pests.

Clean Up and Store Your Food

Ants and cockroaches have no problem eating your leftovers and table scraps. Every crumb is a meal to them and their family. Check around your house for any crumbs or messes that could be meals for pests. Focus on areas where you commonly eat. Always clean up spills and messes immediately to avoid feeding the bugs.

To get control of your pests, you’ll need to get control of your food first. Avoid leaving any food out. It’s best to store all of your leftovers in properly sealed bags and containers. Check your pantry for any food that may be accessible to pests. Try to avoid leaving pet food out overnight. Instead, store it in a tightly-sealed plastic container.

Remove Excess Water and Moisture

To eliminate millipedes and finally get that pest-free 2020, invest in perimeter pest control from Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions here in Louisville, KY.
The other important thing that all pests need is easy and consistent access to water. Centipedes, millipedes, and cockroaches are just a few pests that require excess moisture to survive. If you can locate and eliminate any excess water and moisture around your home, then your pest population will drop dramatically.

Check in areas where water is abundant. Places like the kitchen and bathroom are common hiding places for water-loving bugs. Check areas that are commonly damp. Areas like the basement, attic, and crawl space are common homes for millipedes and centipedes. Fix any leaking pipes, wipe up any excess water, and use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture and access to water.

How To Keep Pests Out of Your Home

If you can make the inside of your home inhospitable to pests, then half the job is already finished. The other half of the job is keeping the bugs from even entering. Safeguarding your home against invading pests isn’t as tough as you may think.

First, check the foundation. Look for openings or cracks in the foundation and seal them up. Next, inspect your doors and windows for gaps or damaged screens. Caulk the cracks and fix or replace the damaged screens. Installing a door sweep is a good idea too. Finally, check the roof. Insects can gain access through damaged shingles, cracked vents, and basically any small opening. If you can seal off your house, then the pests will stay where they belong: outside.

Have a Pest-Free 2020 with Perimeter Pest Control Services

Starting your pest control at the beginning of the year is a great way to stay ahead of the pests. A perimeter pest control program from Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions is the best option. Keep cockroaches, ants, and spiders out of your home with regular applications of perimeter pest control.

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