The Best Spring Lawn Care Guide for Your Kentucky Lawn

Giving your lawn a healthy spring is a great way to start the year. Spring lawn care is the foundation of your year of lawn care. With a strong spring, your lawn will be more likely to have a strong and healthy year. Here are a few tips to help out with your Kentucky spring lawn care.

Help Your Lawn Breathe With Some Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just something to be done inside the house, your lawn could benefit from it as well. A messy lawn is an unhealthy lawn, especially in the spring. Various lawn debris, like broken branches and wet piles of leaves, smother and harm the grass. This debris is also a common place to find fungal infections and lawn diseases. Having an early lawn disease in the spring is a bad way to start the year. The damage and stress weaken the grass and leave the lawn open to attacks from pests, weeds, and more diseases.

Prevent lawn diseases and fungal infections by performing a little spring cleaning in your lawn. Remove those wet piles of leaves and broken branches that accumulated over the winter and let the grass breathe. Increase the airflow through the grass by going over the lawn with a rake. By lifting the grass and breaking up the thatch, you’re helping the grass dry out, further preventing lawn diseases and fungi.

Control and Prevent the Spring Weeds

Spring lawn care services from Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions can prevent chickweed and other weeds from invading your Kentucky lawn.
The next big threat facing our Kentucky lawns this spring is an infestation of weeds. Invasive weeds cause damage to the lawn by stripping the soil of vital resources and nutrients. They quickly outgrow the grass, crowding it out and stealing water and sunlight. Over time, the lawn becomes weaker and more vulnerable. Pests, diseases, and weeds take advantage of weed-weakened lawns. That’s why weed control and prevention are so important for your spring lawn care.

In the spring, pre-emergent herbicides are the way to go when it comes to weed control and prevention. These unique herbicides only affect weeds before they’ve sprouted from their seeds so timing is incredibly important. Before the weeds begin sprouting, treat the lawn with pre-emergents to create a barrier over those seeds. With a well-timed application, pre-emergents help prevent most grassy weeds from sprouting. This frees your lawn from the stress-causing infestation, allowing the grass to thrive this season. Getting control of the weeds early makes weed control in the summer and fall much more manageable. For the best results, it may be best to seek out weed control services near you.

    Common Spring Weeds in Kentucky:

  • Henbit
  • Crabgrass
  • Yellow Nutsedge
  • White Clover
  • Dallisgrass
  • Chickweed
  • Dandelion

Boost Your Lawn’s Curb Appeal With Mulch

A spring service that adds immediate curb appeal and value to your property is mulching. Adding mulch to your landscaping features, flower beds, and around your trees and shrubs adds a healthy pop of color to your property while highlighting your landscaping. Mulch isn’t just a beautiful enhancement for your property, it’s also healthy for your lawn.

Mulch adds a protective layer over the soil. A 1-2 inch layer of mulch helps shield the roots of your trees, shrubs, and plants from fluctuating temperatures throughout the year. It helps conserve water, allowing you to water less frequently. Mulch even prevents weeds from growing. Mulch is a fantastic service to add to your spring lawn care this year.

Boost Your Lawn With Spring Lawn Care Services From Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions

If you need a little extra help with your spring lawn care this year, then it’s time to call the experts. At Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions, we have the services, experience, and expert staff to give your lawn the best spring possible. Whether you’re looking for a full-service lawn care program with weed control and fertilization or mulching services, Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions has you covered.

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