Top 3 Most Harmful Spring Pests Invading Your Outdoor Area

There’s nothing like the sweet summertime air flowing through the sky. Along with the newfound sunshine, beautiful flowers, and spirit that fills the air, also come bugs. Bugs that infest your home, your family, your lawn, your business, and your pets. 

Protecting yourself and your loved ones from pests and bugs can be one of the best things you do during this season. These pests we are talking about are not just annoying and inconvenient, they can be harmful to humans, and sometimes we don’t even notice that they’ve arrived.  


Here are the top three to look out for a while enjoying a nice Louisville summer day:


1. Tickstick


Ticks can do a lot more damage than you would imagine. These little creatures are pretty underestimated when it comes to believing what harmful pests are like. But in reality, these bugs can truly cause some damage because of the way they feed. Ticks feed on blood – human blood and animal blood alike. 

The most common diseases ticks are responsible for causing are Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Anyone is susceptible to these tick-borne diseases, so it’s tough to know what to steer clear of whether it’s hiking or regular garden work. But they tend to live in shrubbery and places with leftover winter debris, so cleaning up your yard is an important way to keep them away from your pets and family. 


2. Mosquitoes 

These can be the most common and are pretty much everywhere, so people get used to them and forget what kind of harm they can cause to humans. A mosquito bite can be just a simple itch and inconvenience, or it can easily lead to a more mosquito-borne severe illness such as West Nile Virus and Zika Virus. 

Both of these viruses have no known vaccine and can cause a lot of irritation and discomfort for humans, and the mosquitoes that carry these illnesses come out during all times of the day. It’s important to wear repellent and protect your home, family, and lawn from these.  


3. Bed Bugsbed bugs

While these pesky bugs can seem like folklore, they are authentic. Bed Bugs find their way into your home in a number of ways, but the most common is after you have visited a place already infested with them. They attach themselves to clothing, bedding (hence, the name), and handbags and follow you into your home. They then duplicate and infest.

Bed Bugs might not necessarily give you a scary disease or virus, but their bites do cause redness and irritation that cause some other symptoms. Bed Bugs are very hard to get rid of, they are tough species, and they don’t want to be killed, so prevention is the best treatment. 



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