Steps for a Green Lawn This Spring

If spring has sprung, but your lawn has not, it can be a little…sad to look at. It might even make you feel like your home or business is not on the level of those around it. Taking care of your turf is an important spring task. Allowing your lawn to flourish, free of weeds, and pests can help your property look amazing.


Not only will incredible turf raise your curb appeal, but having well-kept turf is also a great return on investment. For your home, it can make your house guests, family, friends, and pets feel more comfortable and welcome. And for a more commercial business, beautiful turf can set you apart from the competition.


Starting to think about properly caring for your turf can feel like the most daunting spring task. Maybe you have just had a spring clean up and want to target your lawn next, or perhaps you haven’t started at all. Either way, worrying about your yard is not something you should be dealing with.


Having the proper tools and knowledge to care for your turf is power. If you’ve been looking for direction in this area, you have come to the right spot!



Starting with the number one problem can solve a lot of your issues when it comes to caring for your turf. Perfectly usable nutrients from your lawn’s soil are being sucked up by weed removal by handthose weeds that you have been ignoring for quite some time. While some weeds are less harmful than others, even one patch of weeds can be truly detrimental to the health of your Louisville lawn.


Applying the proper weed killer can be your first step. But secondly, and arguably most importantly, removing each and every existing weed from its core will be the most helpful in stopping them from continuing on the path to killing your lawn.


Pest Control

Once the weeds are out of the way, pest control comes next. While weeding is important, pest control can also stop the long-term mass destruction of your turf. Pests that get into your lawn, garden, and shrubbery will lay eggs that hatch throughout the entire season.


This allows your turf to be targeted during the peak of when it should be looking nice and green. Ensuring that pest control is a priority in your lawn care regimen will be something you’ll thank yourself for later. You won’t want those pesky pests lying around infecting your lawn or guests—they will thank you for it just as much as your lawn will!



If you think about it, proper nutrition in your turf is not that much different than adequate nutrition for you and your family. If you make sure your loved ones get their daily doses of fertilizer being laid by handwater, fruits, and veggies every day, then making sure your lawn receives proper nutrition as well shouldn’t be too far off from what you already know. Granted, lawns and people require different things, but it’s the same concept.


Feeding your lawn with fertilizer thoroughly and generously throughout the entirety of the hot season is more important than almost anything else. Well, removing weeds and ensuring pest control is taken care of, it’s more important to take preventative measures.


Using fertilizer can be one of the most effective actions taken toward making your lawn what you’d like it to be!


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