Why Grubs Are Bad For Our Louisville Lawns

Grubs cause major damage to our lawns. Unfortunately, that damage can masquerade as other problems until the damage is extensive. Here’s what makes them so terrible for our turfgrass.

How To Spot GrubsTwo grubs in the dirt

Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles. They look nothing like their parents, which is why you may not think you have them. Grubs have white c-shaped bodies with brown heads and visible legs. They are approximately 1/8 to one inch in length and look more like a caterpillar than the adult beetles they will grow into. During their larval stage, they live beneath the surface of the soil. Fully grown Japanese beetles are about 1/3 to 1/2 inch in length with a metallic-green body and head copper-colored wing covers. You likely won’t see grubs above the surface of the soil, so you may think your yard is safe. However, you should keep an eye out for the adult bugs, who will munch on the leaves of plants and grass from above while their grubs eat the roots of your lawn from below. 

Japanese Beetle Grub Life Cycle

Throughout the spring, grubs move closer to the surface of the soil so that they can dine on the roots of your turfgrass. Once they grow into adult beetles, they emerge around mid-summer and feed on the leaves of grass above, where they will eventually mate and start the cycle over again, laying their eggs beneath the soil. Unfortunately, when Japanese beetles are active in your yard, your turfgrass will emit an odor signaling it is under distress. This odor will attract more beetles, and before you know it, you’ll have a full-scale infestation on your hands. That’s why it’s so crucial to treat for grubs as soon as possible. Female Japanese beetles can lay as many as 60 eggs throughout from late July through August when breeding pairs are active.

Signs Of Grubs In Your Lawn

Wild Animals Pull Up The Lawn

If you’ve ever seen a dog go after a squirrel, you know how strong an animal’s one-track mind can be. When wild animals like possums, raccoons, birds, or skunks detect grubs in your lawn, they will stop at nothing to get at them. For animals, grubs are a good source of food. They don’t care about how much time and work you’ve put into your lawn to make it look nice. Their antics can leave your lawn torn up and ruined.

Brown, Thin, Or Bare Patchesbrown patch

As grubs chew on the grassroots, the blades on the surface will wilt and eventually die off. Remember when we talked about grub activity masquerading as something else? When your lawn looks brown, your first thought may be to give it extra water or fertilizer. When it doesn’t respond, you may try something else, never realizing the true problem is grub activity. And all that time you spent trying to fix it gives grubs more time to multiply. So if you’ve tried multiple things and your lawn still isn’t responding, it could be because grubs are stunting the growth beneath your feet. Don’t hesitate to call lawn care services if you suspect you may have grumps.

Loose, Bumpy, Spongy, Peeling Turf

Does your lawn seem to have more divots than usual? Does the grass feel spongy like a mat? Does your turf peel back easily like a freshly placed roll of sod? These are all symptoms of a grub infestation.

How To Get Rid Of Grubs

Turfpro Outdoor Solutions has the answer. We’ll apply an insecticide that will eradicate both adult beetles and larval grubs. This will not harm your grass, but it will put a stop to the beetles, no matter what part of the life cycle they’re in. Another thing we can do for your lawn is overseed any damaged areas so they will thicken up again. This option is more affordable than sod and will repair what the grubs left in their wake. We can also discourage future grub problems by maintaining proper nutrient levels in your lawn. Healthy grass is less likely to succumb to disease and pests.

Get Grub Control Service Near Louisville

If you’re wondering: where can I find lawn treatment service for grubs near me, wonder no more. The professionals at Turf Pro Outdoor Solutions have been battling grubs in Louisville area lawns for over 20 years. Our grub control program eradicates these annoying bugs as well as treats any damage they may have caused. The road back to perfect yard health starts now. Call 502-991-7600 or contact us online to learn more about how we can get rid of your grubs or schedule an appointment.

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